Reservation – a disease or cure

The Seed of Reservation was sown in India long back in late 19th century by princely states to provide opportunities to all for welfare, employment and making people capable. It was even followed by Britishers in India for which some pacts were signed and it underwent some major changes after the Independence. The intent was to … Continue reading Reservation – a disease or cure


The Fate of Education

We are living in a world where everything moves so fast thanks to Internet, Digitization, and Globalization; but has the Indian Education System moved the same way? The Indians are considered highly intellectual and they have proved that time and again by acquiring reputed and prestigious top positions in many organizations worldwide. On the other hand, we have seen people … Continue reading The Fate of Education

Toastmasters Education Program

Why we go to Toastmasters? Why we compromised our Sunday morning sleep, time with family and girl friend and still go here? Today I am going to present an education module on Toastmasters Education Program from the successful club series- a series which addresses the subject of quality club meetings. And this module will demonstrate how the Toastmasters Program is going to help … Continue reading Toastmasters Education Program

the face of learning …

All work and no play makes jack dull but it is also discernible that all play and no work makes jack dumb. Then what's the panacea to this stumbling block, the remedy lies in front of all of us but it depends on how we see the terms play and work. Why not we act such a … Continue reading the face of learning …