Past few weeks saw a hustle in the Digital World as the security of many information systems was compromised. The first such recent massive attack came into limelight on 12 May 2017, Friday with the worldwide spread of malicious WannaCry Ransomware which is estimated to have affected around 150 countries and approximately 2 lakhs computer … Continue reading Ransomware


The Judgement

A 24-year old girl had the dreams of becoming a paramedical specialist one day and making her parents proud by fulfilling her dreams. The girl’s father had put her education above his sons and even sold his ancestral land to educate her. The ghosts of the past still haunts him and shiver goes down the spine … Continue reading The Judgement

World Environment Day

World Environment Day also known as WED, Eco Day, Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5th of June globally. The concept of WED officially known as UN World Environment Day was adopted in 1972. The first WED was observed in 1974 and it has been 42 years since then, the show goes on each … Continue reading World Environment Day

The Menace of Triple Talaq

Talaq is a practice of divorce in Islam where a divorce becomes irrevocable (Talaq-ul-Bidaat) after pronouncing Talaq, Talaq, Talaq, (I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you) in a single sitting as a methodology of instant Talaq even without the consent of wife. This is being the misinterpreted and most innovative way of misusing … Continue reading The Menace of Triple Talaq

Reservation – a disease or cure

The Seed of Reservation was sown in India long back in late 19th century by princely states to provide opportunities to all for welfare, employment and making people capable. It was even followed by Britishers in India for which some pacts were signed and it underwent some major changes after the Independence. The intent was to … Continue reading Reservation – a disease or cure


The Supreme Court recently imposed a highway liquor Ban under Article 142 effective from April 1, 2017. As per the ban, it is not allowed to sell and serve liquor within 500 metres of National and State Highways. The common explanation behind applying this ban is to avoid the possibilities of Drinking and Driving and … Continue reading LIQUOR BAN

Exploring God’s Own Country

Exploring God's Own Country Situated on Tropical Malabar Coast 600 km from the Arabian Sea, and networked by 44 rivers is God’s Own Country Kerala. One can start to get a feel of the same when just about to enter the state. The land is called so as it makes one feels close to nature. … Continue reading Exploring God’s Own Country

The Role of Housewives

  We love living in a well cleaned house where all the basic things are arranged and accessible within the reach as per our needs, where we can enjoy the tasty food at the demand including favourite dishes, sweets, puddings, shakes, etc. and where we can entertain our friends and special guests. But have we … Continue reading The Role of Housewives

The Snapdeal Crisis

Snapdeal Crisis - 23-Mar-2017 Pink Slips are not a new concept in the Corporate World, whether it’s TCS who did it few years back on a massive scale in order to revive the Middle Management, Cognizant which is planning to lay off a large number of employees as a part of annual appraisal process, Cisco, … Continue reading The Snapdeal Crisis