HPL – Toastmasters Area Contest Organization

HPL, High Performance Leadership or Leadership in Excellence is an opportunity in Toastmasters Journey to demonstrate, experiment and hone your leadership skills. From my perspective, a leader is someone who can set a clear goal, selects a team sharing the vision having same interests, respects the individual and their aspirations, maintains integrity, someone who just doesn't … Continue reading HPL – Toastmasters Area Contest Organization


The story of BF

What I am about to say seem to be idiotic or makes me a Funster but my intention behind it is worth mentioning. I would like to demonstrate that by asking a very simple question. I would like to start with you Mam. May I? How would you react if your BF gives you a … Continue reading The story of BF

Exclusive Interview with the Lady of Inspiration – UnCut Version

Lady of Inspiration Ushaa Dhar is a lively, energetic and jovial lady. At an age of 71, her enthusiasm matches that of a young girl who is ready to take new challenges in life and is involved in different activities. Some people call her Diva, some call her magical, to which she prefers to be called as … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with the Lady of Inspiration – UnCut Version

What’s Next | Career

Do you think the things are falling apart and feel trapped in the vicious circle. The billion dollar question for teen these days is what to do next in life. To help you out in this dilemma, we have come up with the options which you can explore. The answer of this depends on lot … Continue reading What’s Next | Career

Festivities @July, 2017

We all enjoy diverse jamboree, fiesta and traditions of our own culture. This time let’s try something different, indulge in few other traditions,  join them and learn some new things. To help you out in the same, to make your monsoon season and to add a tinge of adventure and ecstasy, we have brought to … Continue reading Festivities @July, 2017


Past few weeks saw a hustle in the Digital World as the security of many information systems was compromised. The first such recent massive attack came into limelight on 12 May 2017, Friday with the worldwide spread of malicious WannaCry Ransomware which is estimated to have affected around 150 countries and approximately 2 lakhs computer … Continue reading Ransomware

The Judgement

A 24-year old girl had the dreams of becoming a paramedical specialist one day and making her parents proud by fulfilling her dreams. The girl’s father had put her education above his sons and even sold his ancestral land to educate her. The ghosts of the past still haunts him and shiver goes down the spine … Continue reading The Judgement