MOM- the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word is your own Mother. When you go to home,  most of you first look for your mother at least in case you are unmarried. It’s not because you want to say her something, you want food but just because her presence gives you a sense of comfort. It might happen if you don’t see her around and then you start asking your siblings or giving her a call to ask where she is just because you are curious to know about her whereabouts.

Why we start taking advantage of our Mother once we are grown up and become independent. Is this because we are independent and we don’t need her for many activities that we used to depend for in past. Let’s hear from the audience what you have to say regarding that and any interesting event or a piece of their bond you want to share with us. Please share your views in the comments.

Your Mom is the person who will give you the best feedback in this world and most of the time she is right whether about doing certain things or not or not spending extravagantly etc. But we don’t realize this until something same happen with us or someone who we know closely

This Mother’s Day on 14th May 2017 make your Mother feel special. Make out for whatever she has missed in life or couldn’t do in past because she was busy nurturing you. If your Mother is a housewife, make her realize she is not just a house wife but a home maker. Take her out for a get together, shopping and outing. If not all this or anything, just appreciate her for being in your life and whatever she has done for you unconditionally with utter care and love or just give her a call and give her the credit she deserves.



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