Exploring God’s Own Country

Exploring God’s Own Country

Situated on Tropical Malabar Coast 600 km from the Arabian Sea, and networked by 44 rivers is God’s Own Country Kerala. One can start to get a feel of the same when just about to enter the state. The land is called so as it makes one feels close to nature. The state has so many places to explore, visit, enjoy, wonder and learn many new things. Here you will find places of interest for all people such as Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre for students,  Padmanabhaswamy Temple for religious people, Ernakulam, Munnar, Alleppey for beach lovers,  Fort Kochi, Bekal Fort for history enthusiasts, and many places for nature lovers, etc.

Kerala has lot of adventure spots for the younger generation for trekking and other activities. The Kallar waterfall where the route consists of exciting and daring tracks and a small mistake can land one’s life in danger or can cause small accidents. The water coming from small springs in between is enjoyable to drink and connects you more with the childhood. The walk to the waterfall from Main Road is 3-4 Km but the pain and wait turns into pleasure once you reach the spot to feel the water drizzling from the waterfall. You can give a breath to your legs in the cold water of the fall but beware of the leeches present.

Tourists prefer visiting Ponmudi hills along with Kallar Waterfall. Along the way to the Hills is the perfect point to bring out your DLSR and capture the scenic beauty. The allurement is so mesmerizing and it will make you feel crazy as well as it doubles the excitement to reach the spot. Reaching the top of hills is another adventure in itself. You can sense as if you are on the top of the world. The clouds seem so close that it feels that you are surrounded by the clouds. In case, it starts raining there, you can regard it as if the nature wants to give you additional gift. It is suggested to take a light warmer or wear full sleeves clothes to escape from the cold. The couples would love to spend some alone time there. Here, you can forget all the stress of the materialistic life and will find you closer to inner self.

If you have interest in analyzing new things then you should also visit Thenmala Ecotourism in Kollam District. Just a walk away is Parappar dam where you will realize how water is processed from a dam but don’t try out taking selfie near Dam area as the water might be released any time from the above. Nearby is the Leisure Zone where different aspects of life, stories, art forms, etc. have been captured in the form of statues, etc. Beware of the monkeys in the walkway. A suspension bridge which used to swing a bit is also a good thing to experience but it’s currently under repairing work. Families beat the heat in the adjacent Palaruvi falls’ water as a weekend outing.

If you visit Kerala around August, you will get a chance to be a part of their special festival Onam which is celebrated in the honour of the visit of King Mahabali to the state every year on this day. There are many stories associated with the same. You can see people dancing in groups on roads in rallies and decorating the streets. The Onam food is a must try especially the payasam when you are a foodie.

Located in the city of Trivandrum is the Thiruvananthapuram zoo where you will see wide variety of birds and animals. You may sympathize with some looking them in the cage, as if their independence is lost and it acts an anomaly to this life where everyone is a prisoner in one way or another. In the vicinity is the Napier Museum depicting history of many empires of Tamil Nadu and nearby Indian states. Also, you will find remains of idols of Gods and Goddesses in various different forms. National History Museum, Reptile House, Fish Galaxy and many others are also part of the complex.

Outside the Museum Complex, you can find heart touching paintings on the nearby walls maintained by arteria– District Tourism Potential Council sponsored by Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. They are a symbol of beauty for the city and carry many hidden messages for passerby to stop for a moment and wonder.

The one not to be missed includes the Back Waters and the Golden Beach which got its name after the color of the sand there. You can enjoy the boat ride, and can see the high waves from the Arabian Sea. Keep a check on your footwear as the water from the waves can take them along. Also, you may need to bargain a lot for the boat for a decent price. On a return trip from Back waters, one can plan to visit Varkala, Kovalam,  St. Andrews, Shangumugham Beach, or some church along the way to make a day.

Who wouldn’t love to visit a state having so many places to explore, learn about life, etc. Even there are so many North Indian Restaurants as well so having a problem with food should not be a problem. The mouthwatering homemade chocolates, the super string coffee beans, and the tasty milkshakes will increase your longings for them. You will find people living such a humble life, and living so close to nature. Even God would like to come and live here. What are you waiting for now? Make a plan, ask your friends and families, book tickets, pack your bags and be ready to visit Kerala this summer.

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