The Role of Housewives


We love living in a well cleaned house where all the basic things are arranged and accessible within the reach as per our needs, where we can enjoy the tasty food at the demand including favourite dishes, sweets, puddings, shakes, etc. and where we can entertain our friends and special guests. But have we ever wondered how all this come seamless with such an ease. All this is made possible by the tremendous efforts of the lady of the house who works day in and day out to fulfil all the needs. A woman, who looks after her family, considers it before herself, cooks, clean, wash and love unconditionally. She takes care of all the needs and necessities of a family. She even goes to market to buy grocery, household items, and deals with the milk vendors, maid, etc. and her whole day is occupied in all these household activities. She takes care of from the eldest to the youngest person in the family. She makes a number of sacrifices and compromises for the family, and gets used to with the scars from the stove or pressure cooker. She is the one to wake up first early in the morning and sleep last in the house. She plans for the food to be cooked for each and every one and plans all that needs to be done for the functioning of the family and is not employed outside the family. She raises her children with values and morals and is behind the future of the country i.e. her children, the upcoming generation. In fact, she is the person who transforms a house into a home and thus the term Housewife should be aptly replaced with Homemaker. In effect, Housewives are the integral part or the heart of almost all the Indian families. And still a housewife’s work is considered as the mere useless task, not of any importance and value.

housewives 1.jpg

But what she gets in return. She is usually asked what she use to do the whole day. The work and contribution by her is being looked down as something requiring no skill and effort, and she is often told about the inappropriate taste of food or if anything is not done as per others’ choices and thus sometimes also have to bear harsh words, others’ mood and behaviour even when she is not at fault. It is considered that she has no or little sense and is just busy in watching television and talking on phone and WhatsApp for useless purpose in order to spend time. She is sometimes seen as caretaker, housecleaner, servant, housemaid, and chambermaid. Even her own family members – children, spouse don’t value them. Is she worthy of all this. Why this happens at first place. Is it because she doesn’t go out and earn for the family. Or because she can’t buy us gifts, etc. In fact, a woman is one who tries to save the money even from what is given to her for the household expense and spends least on her. If she is paid she needs not to ask for money for her personal expenses. A happy house wife will take care of the chores in a much better way. So, in order to tackle all this should woman be paid? Or it would be considered like asking money for the love they give to the family? But what about her financial independence and security in case her marriage doesn’t work, shouldn’t she have something for the support. Several questions arise if she should be paid. Whether she is paid by her husband or by the government; how much she should be paid and the reasons for the same. But the fact remains that no amount of money is equivalent to being a housewife. It is a question of big debate in itself and people have not dared to take this up in a highly patriarchal society. Is it time that we need the government intervention in the same?


There are numerous other ways, forms and sense to pay for their effort, service and the love. The first and the foremost is to treat her with due respect. Acknowledge and admire the efforts for being on duty 24*7 x 365 Days without any holiday. Show sense of care towards her and especially when she is ill and not well. She may also need emotional support sometimes. Take some time to appreciate her and make her feel special at times. Even small appreciation and a little more acknowledgment will give her ample happiness. Give her importance in financial and domestic decisions. Just like the way she creates a balance between each and every aspect of life, family, society and the related necessities; try to create a balance in her life with activities other than the households’. Give her a chance to do which she could not do earlier because she was busy taking care of you and the family. Provide her with an opportunity for all that she missed, part of her dreams, and correct her at certain points, help her where required and make up for the past.


How would we feel if someone looks down on our mother, sister or wife for being a housewife? If not that, what if they do the same with our daughter? Would we still agree with them and let them say or think what they are following? As a matter of fact, a woman is the best manager as she manages all the aspects of a household and a family very well. She is the home engineer, family manager and a home economist. In fact, many business schools ask their students to indulge in case studies related to housewives just to get insight of some best management practices.

Dear ladies, next time someone asks you who you are; with head held high and a huge smile full of pride, tell them you are a Homemaker.



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