Pack your bags

It’s time of the year again where students are ready to begin a new chapter of their lives. The new school sessions are going to kick start. With new beginnings, students have begun to wonder what the year has in store for them. Some are excited, some are happy, some are nervous, some are fearful and some are scared to go back to school.


It’s natural for kids to be anxious about the new school year; some of their classmates have either left or will be in a different class, therefore there’s going to be some adjusting to the new session. One of the big questions is what would the first day be like, especially for those who have joined a new school.

With new session come new teachers, new people, unknown subjects, more expectations and responsibilities. Some of the best things about starting a new session are new books, bag, stationery, uniform, lunch box, water bottle, pastel crayons and much more. The enthusiasm to meet old friends and having fun with them is irreplaceable. The curiosity to know who are going to be the new teachers is one of the mind boggling moments. One of the happiest moments is when students start using pen in place of pencil around Class V. Also, there is no need to worry and school children can live life whole heartedly like a free bird. How can someone forget the crushes students have on their classmates and sometimes on their teachers as well. The pleasure of having sweets like ladoos and more on the occasion of celebrations like Independent day, Republic Day, etc. is immense.  Moreover, the opportunity to enjoy half day classes and to skip classes to prepare for annual school function celebrations adds more to joy since students get an escape from studies which no one likes to do at their age. Indulging in those small fights, riding with friends in school bus, convincing parents to allow for a school trip are some of the memories to cherish forever.

But at the same time come more homework, more exams, more class tests, more assignments, more punishments and tuitions. Some of the things most students don’t like are morning assemblies, polishing shoes, parent teacher meeting and waking up early in the morning. Not just that, many times they have to miss celebrations, weddings, just because they used to have an exam or a test the next day. Some of them are even bullied by or mocked at for their shortcomings by others.

Some of them had been really cute then and some were naughty but life has changed most of them. The atrocities of life, the lessons learnt the hard way have made some of them rigid, serious in life. They have forgotten how to smile, enjoy, and be jovial and lively. Let’s look at those school days and learn from them to worry less and strike back with zest and enthusiasm and keep that kid within u alive.

It is irony that people hate or don’t like much going to school as a student but when they grow up, they miss those days a lot and want to live that life once again. It’s like, “Give me some rain, give me some sunshine, give me another chance, and want to grow up once again“.

Many of you now feel you must have done few things back in time and followed your dreams then those you couldn’t do like learning a guitar, swimming or being proactive for fitness. But, you can take now as an opportunity to improve, to gain knowledge, have new lessons, and hone yourself. It will look hard at first; again some people will laugh or mock but don’t repeat the mistakes of childhood. Share your learning with your siblings, nephew, niece and their parents, let them have the experience you had to make the best out of their time and live life the best way.

school-bus photo.jpg

It’s never too late, to do something. One can still have what one want, may be not that way but some other way. Life is a school in itself, where each day one can unlearn few things, relearn some old things and learn new things. One can still be somewhat carefree like the school days, still be a little bit childish, and still be happy with the life. Like one take tips from the parents for new school year, let’s learn new tips this time for life as well. With school children, let us also Get Ready for the New School Year for new beginning, new hope, new chapter, and new learning. Let’s pack our bags and get back to school @ Life.



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