The Fate of Education

We are living in a world where everything moves so fast thanks to Internet, Digitization, and Globalization; but has the Indian Education System moved the same way? The Indians are considered highly intellectual and they have proved that time and again by acquiring reputed and prestigious top positions in many organizations worldwide. On the other hand, we have seen people who are educated and capable enough but are earning even less than a cab driver. Why Why Why? What could be the possible loophole that might have given rise to poles-apart scenario?

Are the people lazy enough to do anything? Or are they not provided with enough opportunities? Or does the Basic Foundation is at fault? The students are supposed to study in a curriculum where the major focus is on Maths, Science, etc. and later on to Commerce, Law, Engineering, Medicine, and others and on the top of that they are made to primarily focus on securing marks and secondarily on building understanding of the concepts although how much it is said that we aim to provide students with knowledge. The schools and universities are following decades old syllabus which is not updated much as per the current requirements of the life and the industry. Also, the teachers and instructors adopt banal approach of teaching and imparting knowledge which is not doing much other than just spoon feeding and teaching history.

Moreover, the interest in anything other than academia is considered distraction. All play and no work make Jack dumb but no play and all work make him dull. The opportunities and academies for creative activities like those of Music, Arts, Dance and fitness activities like those of swimming, sports, martial arts and others like psychology, etc. are meagre. The report card which has merely   5-6 subjects marks it everything the way parents, teachers, siblings and peers see these young minds and the same way they start to see themselves. But what about the creative skills, moral and ethical values, fitness and other aspects, aren’t they required for a meaningful living? Why we tend to ignore that? Isn’t obesity a common problem here? Everyone loves Dhoni but why don’t we want our children to be one? Why we tend to see our children as a medium of fulfilling our own dreams? Why we can’t let them have a passion of their own?

The consequences of these are manifold and adverse. The exams seem to be like havoc for students especially those who are not good in academia as well as their parents. The result of such Education is that when they step out with their higher degrees, many of them are not ready to face the life as they lack the necessary skills and knowledge. It’s not that they have not made efforts but they might have made them in not the required direction as they were not aware. In fact, many of them are even not aware what’s happening in the world around them other than what they may have read in the books. A lot of engineers these days are investing years for SSC, Bank PO exams after their graduation. Is it what we expect from them after four years of Engineering? Other than that most of students are really confused about what they want to do in life. There is major lack of awareness these days. Many of those who are not able to cope up with the stress, peer and societal pressure tend to lose mental balance and some of them even get demotivated to the level of depression and suicide. These frustrated minds tend to become rude, aggressive and on an extreme level tend to become criminals.

Knowledge is the key to all problems. You may not have anything tomorrow but if you have the Knowledge you can do anything in life. Alibaba founder Jack Ma once mentioned that he asked his son to score average in school so that he can equally focus on other aspects in life. The best way to grow is to share knowledge with others and in fact in turn you may learn new things from them as well. The students need to wake up and fight for themselves imparting themselves with the knowledge and the skills of one’s interest.


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