A Sad Day

When things start to go hazy, when you don’t understand what’s going on around you, when you don’t know what to do, when even the Google fails to work out a solution for you, and when you decide to quit, think once before you give it a final shot.


When you feel betrayed by the time, when you are fed up with the life, when things are beyond your tolerance limit, when you have lost self-control, when the level of frustration seems manifold and you can’t even do simple tasks, take it as another challenge. Everyone has problems of their own whether rich or poor and happy or sad, try to analyse and introspect when and why they started to take the wrong turn, try to amend those mistakes and show you can make through no matter what.


When there is no money in your pocket, when you have to borrow even for your expenses, when there are problems from all the sides, when u know u had put all your eggs in one basket which turned out to be a failure and you have no options and opportunities left, when even your parents are worried about what would you do in life, when you have already give up, when life has replied to you with a tight slap on both the faces, when you feel like that the life has become a joke, when you know nothing can be done about you, when you feel you are nothing, in fact that very moment is an opportunity that you can be anything and everything and also there would be no fear to lose as you had nothing to lose. Don’t worry too much about future. Just enjoy the present and make it pleasant. You never know whether you will be able to make to the next moment or not, so love and live it.


When you know you have bad habits that you want to improve upon but you are too devastated that you don’t even have a will, determination, energy and enthusiasm left, when all of your confidence has gone and you feel like a useless being, when the more you try to make things on the track the more they become worse, when politics has entered in your life some other way, when there are unnecessary quarrels which you already want to avoid and hate to have any, when you know you are not a perfect man, then don’t try to be perfect, just try to be a novice and be a good learner. There are some wounds, some expectations, some long old guilt, some regret behind all this and that’s the time to learn the Lesson to Forgive oneself.


When you are so alone in a crowd, the people all around see you but can’t see the immense pain in your eyes which are under the burden of all those tears which wanna flow freely, but you are mature enough to know that this time the tears won’t even heel, know that you are grown up and you are man now. They say time heels everything. Everything happens for good and for a reason and that you will get what you are aspiring for but at the right time to make you value them.


When there is no one for you, the relationships and their meanings have changed, and you are tired of disturbing or hurting others and interfering in their lives, when you can’t make someone understand you and your problem, when you didn’t ever have any girlfriend in life, when you start eating and eating and eating and it’s not because you are hungry but because you are bored and you do not want to be alone and feel loneliness to go through the emptiness within you, know that the strong heart is the one with most scars. You need to unlearn to learn new things. Don’t live in past. Let things and people go. Try to indulge in new activities like gym, sports, singing, sketching, writing, learning guitar, cooking etc. and have a vacation to some hilly area.


When every moment spent is like a hell, when you don’t want to take next breadth, when you wanna cry, you wanna yell, you wanna weep, but you can’t since you are a man, when you have no reason to live, go find a new reason may be in helping others so that someone doesn’t feel the same pain as yours. Life will learn you lessons to make you a better person and have a great learning experience. May be some lessons are best learnt the hard way. When you wanna die, when you decide to quit and kill yourself, when you leave a note behind but couldn’t take the final shot since you can’t afford to have it, think about those who have loved you in your life and taught you various lessons, those who have raised you by sacrificing a lot. Try to find a ray of hope, have faith in the nature, have patience, may be find happiness in the smile of a baby and you shall overcome some day. Just remember “Change is only Constant”, three words to state it Life Goes On


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