Leadership Goals

What qualities do we usually look for in a leader? Self-motivation, hard work, punctuality, will, zeal, enthusiasm, determination, skill, knowledge, ambition, passion to lead, commitment, capability, self-control,  interpersonal skills, humanity, sense of understanding & responsibility and may be maturity. This is centuries old potion of leadership that we use to follow. But if we know this secret then why do some leaders succeed while others fail?

Are you the one with the bossy kind of attitude, those who see their team members as subordinates and inferior whom you can command or order to perform tasks, those who believe that women can’t do better than men or they can’t even compete? Then that’s the first big mistake you might be doing and sometimes out of your own inferiority. The young energy has always something to learn from and revive the creativity and activeness. There is a difference between Ego and Self- Respect, the same way as between selflessness and stupidity. You can never grow by mocking and yelling at others, exploiting people and these things start to take you from being a leader to a dictator.

There must be some elements missing from the potion which differentiates an ordinary leader from being a true leader. It starts with the belief in the spirit or soul of supporting and doing something and the reason for the same. There are two things that can make or break a leader i.e. Patience and Emotional Quotient. A leader grows by acting as a mentor for his/her team members, channelizing thoughts, providing knowledge, guidance, support and advice whenever required, motivating them at regular intervals using different aids, maintaining team spirit and being equally fair to all. Time management is one of the key of a leader and it plays well only when he/she is able to manage time for work, family, personal time and other activities. A creative leader always indulges in activities of one’s interest like sports, guitar, or fitness to maintain a stress free zone and to invigorate self. Apart from that one should know the thin line of difference between when to be personal or professional and how to ward off negative thoughts.

A perfect example of a true leader that can be applied even to day to day life situation while judging a person or trying to make them change something. One might try to point out the mistakes regarding what is wrong but a true leader sees it as an opportunity of something that can be improved by providing a logical explanation for the same and in fact even demonstrating or explaining how it can be improved. Similarly, a good leader knows the importance of proper communication, goal clarity, provides genuine word of praise and even let people know when it’s time to improve. And the leaders are able to do so because they lead by example.

But why do you need to be a good leader? Being a good leader, you change as a person i.e. the way you think, the way you see things, the way you handle and manage problems, etc. You become morally, socially, ethically, mentally sound. You learn some of the worthy life lessons. The most important is the way you present yourself and behave in the Society, among family, peers, friends, and relatives. You start respecting others. You don’t see people as right or wrong in fact you start to think over the reason for those actions and try to make them realize a right manner if something can be changed.
Leadership building is the need of the hour and there are various institutions worldwide like Toastmasters, Ted, Landmark Leadership Program… which will teach you all these lessons but you will forget most of them with time owing to work pressures, targets, ego, inferiority, etc. but again it’s up to you what type of leader you want to be. Ask yourself today do you want to be a true leader. It takes a lot to win hearts to be a successful team player and leader. You have to make sacrifices and compromises as well. A leader lies in each one of you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, just kick started your career or have lots of experience in leadership. It’s you who has do decide whether you want to lead and if yes, what type of leader you want to be. Just you need to introspect and realize it and see what’s in the basket for you, may be pool of opportunities lie ahead for you.


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