Toastmasters Education Program

Why we go to Toastmasters? Why we compromised our Sunday morning sleep, time with family and girl friend and still go here?

Today I am going to present an education module on Toastmasters Education Program from the successful club series- a series which addresses the subject of quality club meetings. And this module will demonstrate how the Toastmasters Program is going to help you in what you all are looking for. Do you want to know?

I would like to start with a story of a One minute manager whose organisation is doing exceptionally well and even its employees are quite happy there. Do you want to know the secret?

The one minute manager focusses on 3 principles:

1- He spares 1 minute for the goal clarity of what exactly is expected, so that there is no communication gap.

2- He uses 1 minute of specific n genuine praise to motivate and encourage his employees

3- and he also uses 1 minute of reprimand or recommendation and he is successful in this last one because he really cares about the welfare of the employees to help them grow.

Isn’t it the kind of principle that we even follow in Toastmasters. The goals which you have come in mind here and Toastmasters program helps you in giving it a proper path and direction. And the technique of specific and genuine feedback.

I will now show you how it works.

Whosoever becomes a part of Toastmasters can chose the path of leadership or communication or both. And each Project helps in learning a unique quality.

Starting the Communication track With P1 I.e Project 1 or that we call CC#1- you learn to introduce yourself, with P2- we learn how to give a proper structure to our thoughts. With P3- we learn how to focus on our message With P4- proper usage of language to avoid ambiguity in message delivery. With P5- your apt hand and body gestures to support your arguments. With P6- proper usage of vocal variety to depict different situations and emotions. These are the basic principles required for a complete speech and thus going forward you learn many more advanced lessons as well.

And in fact for Participating in International speech contest one needs to complete these 6 Projects and should have paid membership as an eligibility requirements. And do not forgot to evaluate yourself after completing 5 and 10 projects respectively and discuss the same with your mentor.

Side by side you can start with your leadership track as well. There are projects which help in developing skills like listening, critical thinking, motivation, team building etc. One can perform various tasks in each Project to develop and focus on these skills and these projects and task can be done in any order.

Now you have done your part. You have developed skills from each project but next question arises is how you are going to improve simultaneously

  1. For speeches you have evaluation provided by your evaluator and feedback provided by your mentor when you get your speech reviewed and written evaluation by other Toastmasters in Ballot. You can accommodate those suggestions to analyse your strong points and how to improve on other areas. Discuss your feedback with your mentor and start work on that.
  2. For leadership roles, one improves by getting their feedback filled in CL Manual by coordination with any Toastmaster.

For example – The given feedback says –

The topic masters comment were short, giving respondents more opportunity to speak – the evaluator has marked it – average. That means the table topic.master can work on this point. Similarly there are additional comments mentioned for the role performance.

What more do we get?

Some rewards are immediate and some comes with time. The 1st in line is the way you communicate with people, you start expressing yourself, there is a positive change in your behavior, your network and awareness grows.

The others are a certificate of recognition from Toastmasters International and a letter to your employer for your success. But these 2 are possible only when you mark your project completion records in respective trackers.

So that’s it? Are we done?

No, in fact the journey has just started. Toastmasters is like a sea or an ocean where you can keep learning for lifetime.

You can further go for advanced communication and leadership series like one can chose Humorously speaking to develop good humor skills etc. Also one can present Education modules from series like Successful Club series for example this Toastmasters Education Program to grow leadership skills further. And the Toastmasters Program helps in following it properly with Advanced communication Bronze and Advanced Leaderhipp Bronze etc where one can develop skills by providing speeches and presentations and take roles at Club level like that of VPE and at District level like that of Area Director etc. And after completing all these one completed the Journey to DTM. And once you are a DTM, your name appears in Toastmasters magazine Hall of Fame and you receive a special plaque. How many of you want to see your name there?

And still you can learn. You learn by observing, listening, analysing, taking tips, attending sessions, discussing with your mentors, taking roles at different levels, helping other club members, helping your club grows and for that you even receive membership building Award. Never limit to your club only visit different clubs and get exposure to different clubs and Infact there are many advanced clubs in Delhi as well which helps you keep going and growing.

But for all this there is 1 thing I.e the goal setting – what you all want to achieve, how and when.

And for this I request you all to revisit your CC Cl manuals and analyse what you are into and what you are looking for and we will be looking forward for your goals. Because we can and we will.

So after reading this, how many of you feel that you didn’t know most of these things? So did any one told me these things one by one? No, in fact that’s all written in the CL manuals itself and I knew all this because I asked others whenever required and followed all this properly.

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