the face of learning …

All work and no play makes jack dull but it is also discernible that all play and no work makes jack dumb. Then what’s the panacea to this stumbling block, the remedy lies in front of all of us but it depends on how we see the terms play and work. Why not we act such a way that the terms mingle and fill us with spirit?

Look at those young minds. Have anyone ever asked them what they really want to do? How many times children at your home make weird excuses just because they don’t want to go to school? If somebody asks me, I would say countless.

When a student doesn’t perform well we blame him/ her for being absent-minded and negligent, but have you ever asked them why he/she doesn’t want to go to school or why he/ she is not able to recuperate? The muddle lies ahead but no one gets down to brass tacks, all we used to do is to shirk by blaming it on others and the system. But I say the change can start only from each one of us.

The education system judge students on the basis of grades in some of the subjects , but doesn’t take parameters like the creative skills, analytical skills, health, hobbies etc into its framework/ambit/  umbrella and due to this negligence  many students are made to feel low at each and every point of life by their parents, siblings, peers, teachers, relatives, etc. and it results in the de motivation to such a great level that they start to perform poor even in the areas they are good. The student is just 10, 14, 16, 17 years old and we are playing such a havoc with his mind, his soul and his life itself. I have seen my cousin being scolded by everyone for his low grades and how pale he turns at those moments, I can’t even imagine what effect it used to have on his mind. Even if I ask others to understand his situation no one listens to that and at the end I just listen to the quarrelsome conversation going on in place.

But let me tell you even those who perform exceptionally well in exams, most of them are  book smart and not  street smart. Our system doesn’t inculcate germane methods to make them street savvy. There was a boy in my school who used to be among the toppers, but the 10th board exams created such a chaos in his mind that he got a very low score and got shambled for life.You won’t believe once he was writing his exam in such a body posture as if he is going to dance on the song Dola re do

The entire original message is not included…….

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