Lessons I didn’t ever learn in life …

People come and people go, all we are left are memories, scars, unfinished business and lessons learned in life.

How many of us are being aware of our social responsibilities and our actions being in public? How many of us ensure that our actions won’t affect safety of others especially while in public?

It is an incident of 5th May 2016 Thursday around 9:00 am. I boarded a metro for my office. As I deboarded at the destination station, I decided to take a lift instead of escalator or stairs as there was some pain in my body. I was walking in a slight speed than usual and could see a woman coming from opposite side and thought I would cross by her side easily. But as I approached towards her, I didn’t even realized that she had a baby bump until she used her hands to alert me and protect her baby. But it was too late to stop instantly at such pace. After that I went into a shock. I never had an idea or any experience that a pregnant women would be travelling in a public mode of transport. Can anyone tell me what could I do or behave like on what just happened. Should I punish myself?   Should I lodge an FIR against me? Or Should I kill myself for being guilty of my actions assuming there is no scope of taking the lady to a hospital where her baby couldn’t be saved though she could be saved? I am waiting for answers?

Blissfully I was saved from becoming a killer or a murderer. I had already managed to escape any collision. I thanked myself for being alert in life but I realized a little mistake could make it a mess. As the woman walked along the station, I could see her making persistent efforts to alert people who all were walking in a speed like me and protect her baby with her hands. That day I decided to be more careful and to be conscious of my pace while being in public. A latest lesson I learned for life.

A similar lesson I learned in past was to obey traffic rules particularly sense of walking or using the road  not for myself but at least for people on the road. But how do I learned it this time? Was there any another incident that took place or was there some big mistake that happened or was just escaped like the earlier one. Let me tell you the decision was not because  of any guilt or something but because I became aware of my moral and social responsibility for my actions and to value life of others walking on road.
I used to think that it’s only the responsibility of those who are riding a vehicle to obey traffic rules. I used to cross road as a pedestrian with a speed and without being conscious of traffic because I didn’t care whether I live or die  even though my friends were always anxious about my this habit and my safety. They used to advice me for same but I always took it as a kick or a thrill. Even once while doing so, a  biker ran over my foot. I thought my foot is gone now. The biker fell down with his bike. I went to him and he apologized thinking that I will quarrel with him. But I don’t know why I didn’t quarrel with him and said it’s OK. Then I went to the college and checked that my foot could be revived within a day. All I had lost was a 8 GB hp pen drive. So that day onward I had a strong defense for my habit quoting this example to my friends each time.

But years after that day I was crossing the road with my headphones on, when the traffic man pulled my headphones and scolded me. I was introspecting about why he did so and it’s only then I realized it’s just not my security that’s at stake but also the safety of all those on road, all those who meant a lot to their families and loved ones and may be many of them are reason for someone to live. There could be any of my loved one and something could have happened to them just because of someone’s actions.

Time and tide wait for none but I urge every one to be conscious of one’s actions in life and also to be careful while using roads, metro etc. not just for your safety but also for the safety of your loved ones and people because some actions can’t be reverted in life.

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