Don’t let Relation Die

It was the Valentine night. We had booked a table for two at one of the most exotic location. It was a private affair. And then the moment came which I already predicted.

She asked me to take our relationship further. She wanted us to be more than friends. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know whether I wanted it or not. But I was afraid to say no because I could not risk losing my bestie by saying no to her.

What would you have done if u were in my place ?

Would you have said Yes? Or would you have said No?

Do you want to know what I did ? To answer this I invite you all to join the saga of relationships.

We all have different relationships in life. Relationships we have with our Family like those of brother sister father mother etc. Relationships we have with our friends, girlfriends or boyfriends and the relationship even with those who seem to be a stranger at first glance but are there in our life for some purpose. Out of these some mean a lot to us, some have meanings changed with time, some we take for granted, some we are fed up with and some we want to end. But sometimes it’s too late before we realize what a person means to us.

The most important of all is the relationship with the mother. She is the person who sacrifices everything for us willingly. Some mothers even take a break from their career and passions to look after their children. Yet many times we don’t even recognize how special this relationship is. She seems to be person who restricts us from doing a lot of things like eating an ice cream in winters. And as we grow up and become independent many of us start feeling that we don’t need her anymore and even some of us even don’t care how she is when she grows up old. My first appeal is to care for your mother. Give her all those happiness she could not get because she was busy fulfilling your demand.

Somewhat related is the relationship with a wife/ husband. With time we start to take that person for granted because in India usually we knows that person is going to stay always whatever be the case just like a mother. Don’t try to mix professional and personal life completely. Give time to love of ur life, for your children. Sometimes, a genuine word of sorry can do wonders until used regularly as an excuse.

Next comes the relation with brothers and sisters. This relationship comes to a collapse when there are unnecessary comparison made among them or when the ego of status, education and money takes a toll on relationship.

My cousins didn’t talk to my sister for so many years due to some misunderstanding which again was because of ego and inferiority issue. Then my mother took the charge of the situation and talked to my cousins and sorted out the situation and now my cousins and sister are like the Best Friends.

The relation with friends. A friend is someone who is there by your side is hour of need. With whom we have all those hangouts. But even those relationships fade away sometimes due to our day to day busy schedule or sometimes one of us start feeling inferior due to differences between the way others are leading their life or indulging in different activities. Don’t let your inferiority, ego and status overcome your relationships.

The relationship with boyfriends or girlfriends. We often see break ups in this regard and most of them end in the worst way. How it happens that a person whom one cares a lot becomes your worst enemy at one go. Someone with whom you shared everything and now you don’t even reply to their single text. We are grown ups and we are responsible for our every relation we have on this earth with every being. Why don’t you end up being a casual friend? Have that understanding in your relationship and may be things get back as usual and your relationship might get a second chance. I have seen persons of both types those who relationship end in friendship and those whose end up in being strangers.Sometimes we are not ready and the only solution we see is Escape. Do you want to know what I did that day?

I told her what I really feel and she understood it and still we are very good friends as usual.

Some people believe that once broken a relationship will always holds its cracks but it’s depends on how much a person mean to you which can fill that gap. It may obviously take time but love can heal every soul.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. And I have some persons in the life who defines Forgiveness as the apple given by tree when it is hurt by a stone. And Believe me there are some persons like that.

Its not the time to escape from those complicated relationships. But to solve them out. If there is someone in your life whom you love a lot, whom you miss a lot – try today , take a step forward, sometimes saying sorry is not enough, you will have to make efforts and may be you can get someone back in life and may be your true happiness to make your heart smile.

On this note, I urge you all to Wake up and smell the tea and let the saga of relationships keep blooming and growing like a garden of roses.

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