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Scooby- Dooby-Doo, where are you?

We got some work to do.

And Scooby- Doo, if you come through,

You are going to have a Scooby Snack

Scooby Dooby Doo.

Stay alert and assist the Scooby Doo team resolve a mystery. Or you can take help from Detective Dexter and her mischievous Didi.

Bob the Builder – can we fix it?

Bob the Builder – Yes we can

Beep beep!!

How many of you think your childhood is being snatched away from you ? Your date with childhood gadgets seems to happen no more and cartoon are no more yours?

or your childhood cartoons are being replaced by new ones in today’s era.

Today I am going to take you all to the deepest memories of childhood world like those of beyblades fantasies, Ever green Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo’s Girlfriend, Harry Potter magician, Shaka Laka boom boom magic pencil, Son Pari Angel and many more

but you have to dive quick to find out who are they.

Get ready to revive all those memories and enjoy the ride on the roller coaster.

Remember these ( Pokemon, Beyblade?)

These were the role model for some of us to get success and prove our worth to the world.

Can you forget the fantasy of having your own Pokemon and Dragon which will roll out from a Beyblade or Poke ball?

Everyone loved Jerry then right? But I think after marriage most of the men have become Tom isn’t it?

It was Mom’s favorite dialogue While we used to watch popoye. You must eat spinach see him how many powerful he becomes on eating it.

Mr. Richie Rich why you had all the luxuries robots dollar sign dog and even chef Cadbiry which reminded me of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Uncle Donald and her girlfriend Daisy. We learn to look for a girlfriend just from the childhood.

Ever wondered how early men looked like or how they lived? Yeah, we got the answers: The Flintstones

And girls this one is for you- The brave power puff girls who are always there to save the world and fight the monkey monster.

One of the amazing fact related to Micky Mouse was that it was drawn with white gloves because Walk Disney thought that normal Mouse nails were too violent for children to watch. This shows how much utter care was given to each and every detail with their consequences even in those times.

Today children feel they have many advanced gadgets but what I feel is we had a much blessed fun in our  childhood because of the amazing cartoons. I really missed them and just filled with the nostalgia right now

Do you wonder how much time you would have spent watching television? Studies have  proven  that  an  average  child  with  a  facility  of  a  TV and  a  satellite  connection  at  his home  watches approximately  18,000  hours of  television  from kindergarten  to high  school  graduation. Do wonder over it.

These cartoons were not meant just for entertainment there are many different motives behind them and why they are still successful and why our parents allowed us to watch them. We have experience ourselves how cartoons have shaped us, how they affect us, and are a part of what we all are as a person today. These cartoons instill different feelings, emotions, and shape us in the way we think and how we grow up. Isn’t it?

I have some studies which says about their effects as well.

80% of people surveyed say that Cartoons have psychological effects like those of developing parent child relationship, how they see the world, instill moral values, to differentiate between good and bad. 60% surveyed people feel that they affects children behavior like the way they tend to learn, develop ideas, etc. 60% people have realised that it has affected language as well like words of vocabulary. It seems cartoons offer varied advantages.

But a basket has egg of all kinds, isn’t it? So there are few things that we must take care. 30% say they watch cartoons  more than 4 hours a day, 60% prefer them over outdoor games and 60% people have increased intention to fight leading to addiction, aggressiveness, over weight, loss of attention, focus, etc. It implies we must do watch cartoons but control what we see and how much especially in context to our children.

Our childhood has gone long back. But If you think you are grown up enough to not have a cartoon fever around you. Let me tell you few things.

Cartoons are  Effective  Means  of  Communication- This is  the  reason  cartoons and  drawings are used to help  employees easily  understand  a  strategy,  a  marketplace  condition,  a  new  initiative,  and  then  connect  their  own  individual  role  to  making  that  strategy  a success.

Cartoons  can  help escape  from  the  stress of  daily  lives. In fact, the  bright  colors  present  in  cartoons improve  the  mood  and  make  people  feel  better.

They allow to  remind us of  our  past memories of cartoons and to enjoy them the same way.

Not just all this, Cartoons have Message for adults as well in the way they have a lasting  effects on  children and thus the society is improved on a whole.

Thus you all can Keep watching them no matter what others say, feel like a child again and Keep it alive within you.

Over to Toastmaster Daffy Duck.

Champak Magazine

The RoadRunner Show

Scooby Doo



Tom and Jerry

Baby loony tunes





Baby Looney Tunes

Dragon Tails

Ben 10

Chhota Bheem

Dexter’s Laboratory

The Flintstones

Winnie the Pooh

He man

Shakti man

Cha-cha Chaudhary

The Powerfpuff Girls

Richie Rich




Johnny Bravo

Captain Planet and Planeteers

Mr Bean


Mickey Mouse club


Duck tales

Jungle book Club

Chotta Bheem


Bugs Bunny

Road Runner Show

Bob the Builder


The Little Mermaid


Thomas and Friends

The cowardly dog

Chip and Dale


Pokemon Go

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