Antibodies and you

How many of you often take medicines for cold mild fever cough etc. How many of you keep your mosquito repellent on the whole night in the high power mode? and How many of you use antiseptic soaps like Dettol etc in regular use?

Then in case, if $100 trillion are sapped from the World Economy by 2050 and 10 million people die every year by then as predicted, you all will be responsible for bringing this apocalypse upon all of us. You want to know how and why ?

An awakening moment…

Since 2008 concerns have been raised globally about the growing resistance against antibiotics in bacteria and other disease causing pathogens.

It has been feared that if the unchecked resistance continues, even trivial infection may turn deadly for want of curable treatment.The incurable costly treatment.

I want to share some experiences to validate the same.

I have seen my cousin taking saridon whenever she had a headache which could be cured by taking a cup of tea and some rest.

Even some doctors prescribe medicines unnecessarily. There is a doctor in my sister’s family who used to prescribe medicine even for a minor wound or illness.

In both the above cases, frequent intake of medicines leads to failure of purpose of antibodies in the long term.

I have a personal experience of often taking Vicks tablet when I used to have cold and cough. Over a long time, it stopped working for my throat. Then, I turned to Strepsils but even it lose its effect within few years due to frequent intake. It became just like another Candy or mouth fresher. Now, I take Honeytus but I use it very diligently and only when majorly required so that it’s healing power persists.

Not just that once my friend took combiflame for headache which is a high power medicine not to be taken without prescription. Infact these medicines have sleep inducing properties and contains paracetamol which is not good for health.

I have some doctors in my circles, which do not suggest to take crocin or equivalent paracetamol just at the sign of fever etc and over the years I have seen them n their families falling less ill and even if they fall ill they recover very fast.

It’s time to ask yourself  – Am I using antibiotics recklessly ? Because if it is so, even minor diseases can become a dangerous disease like that of cancer, very difficult or almost impossible to cure just increasing life by some years.

Europe has already made a step by creating awareness about the same among the public.

But for India, you know already how things happen here. The orders were passed on papers back in 2011 to authorities and doctors to keep a check on indiscriminate use, but they are still waiting to be enforced effectively.

Here, Antiseptic hand washes are being in regular use by public leading to growing resistance of microbes to them.

Infact, India has a drug tolerant bug after the name of its capital, NDM -1 I.e. New Delhi Metallobeta-Lactamese -1 commonly found in most of the hospitals and public spaces of the capital which is itself a high alarming situation.

There are some actions that can be taken by authorities like keeping a check on usage of antibiotics. Investment can be made in R&D to invent new antibiotics and vaccines.

But, the first and foremost step needed is to create public awareness about the same .One of the primary solution is the sanitization and hygiene maintenance. Swachh Bharat Campaign is already aiming for the same. In concerns related to that I want to ask How many of you wash your hands before and after a meal. Or Shall I ask How many of you don’t care to wash your hands. Even highly  literate people are not concerned about the hygiene.

Today, I ask you all to check for your actions, think over it, raise awareness about the same among your friends, social media etc, maintain hygiene, keep your surrounding clean because the future lies in our hands and we all are equally responsible for taking actions.


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