Am I the Resume?

Listen listen.

Listen listen.

HR  listen.

Manager  Please listen to me. It’s really important.

You’re going to recruit this guy? You don’t know what he has done with me, others and what he is going to do with you and even himself and many others are involved in these sort of things as well. I am here to warn you all.

I have been brought here for an interview.

I am expected to reflect one’s personality, experience, qualification, expectation, etc.

I am the Resume

I need to actually reflect his best self, in his words, in the right context, for the specific listener- which, in turn is the recruiter I.e you.

Am I able to do the same ? Am I have the right to be called a Resume?

Check me out and tell yourself.

Career Objective: Looking for a dynamic cross cultural passionate environment and showcase talent and skills in Research and Development.

Now look if there is even a single project or skill where R&D was being implied. Scroll further and check Was he involved in any activity which shows he is passionate or dynamic.

I am 100% sure this guy doesn’t even know what this statement really means and in fact doesn’t even know himself what he wants to do except having a lot of money, guitar even which he doesn’t even know how to play and girl friends.

Coming towards Educational Qualifications-

He has scored 93% in B tech though the real scenario is he has earned 9.3 CGPA which is equivalent to 83%. Not just that he claims to have a MS degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology which he never went for.

Even one reference is Deceptive. And some of the certificate he has submitted for his extracurricular activities are being designed with power point because he doesn’t even know Photoshop and signed by his friends.

Look at some of the irrelevant skills he has written – Proficient in MS Office and HTML. Isn’t it implicit that a person applying for a job of Assistant Manager would be knowing about MS Office. Html is irrelevant for the position he has applied. Don’t you think a person applying for such a post should be aware of what he must at least not include. Though I am not expecting him to Know what to include.

This Resume speaks a lot in itself. So, MR. don’t try to fake it because you are deceiving yourself.

Some studies have suggested that up-to 50% of the population has at least a small amount of misleading or inflated content in their resumes.

And it’s not only the common men who do so. There are even a lot of celebrities who resort to such activities as well.

I know this guy would not listen to me and neither are some of the recruiters. I have something to show you that there are high chances regarding what I am saying is correct

According to Hire Right, a leading provider of on- demand employment background checks,  the statistics of fake resumes are quite alarming. The report says:

80% of all resumes are misleading

20% state fraudulent degrees ( Haven’t you read the news of Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson who never earned the computer degree which he claims in his resume he got)

30% show altered employment details

40% have inflated salary claims

30% have inaccurate job descriptions ( Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine lied about designing Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake)

27% have falsified references.

It’s now only your company I am concerned about but also this guy and lot of others.

He himself don’t realize what he is doing.

Sometimes it’s not the lie which costs one but the dishonesty and integrity. Many companies prefer integrity over skills and proficiency.

Fake Resumes also Psychological Consequences. You have to create more lies to cover the initial lie. We in our life faces that in other scenarios and knows what affect it has leading to chaos at the end.

Not just that employee would have difficulty in meeting the expectations set out in the new position.

If found it can ruin your reputation, and you feel a sense of shame in your immediate circle.

In extreme cases, it can lead to legal consequences and termination of the employment.

Why do you feel companies go through rigorous Background Check.

Be truthful to yourself. Try to introspect what you want with your life . Follow your dreams and passion.

Example Zara success story or KFC Success Story , Most Creative Resume – 20 Pages selected without interview in GQ– SUMUKH MEHTA

You may not get what you really want. So, follow your dreams.


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